Making some snowflakes

Make a Flake

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Say it ain’t so…

Take a picture of some area of the house.  Upload the picture and describe it using antonyms.


Antonyms: Running = dry, Window = Wall,

The water is dry,
the kitchen is muddy
the pots can fly
the sink is my study buddy.

the window is a gym
look close and you can swim
through the glass I go
and the more that I will know

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6th sense

Please watch this TED talk all the way through to the end……the things Pranav shows you will blow you away!

Please discuss your overall impressions of the video.
How would something like sixth sense technology help you in your everyday life?
This technology will be available sooner than you think!  (adapted from Write Out Loud)

I love the idea of this, it would be nice to sit on the couch and have a screen pop up. I just want to see where all of this technology is going to take us. Then I wonder how much is it going to cost. Maybe Apple will find this and start at it, then it will be expensive. Then I think about how sturdy it will be, because I might fall or something while wearing it.

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to you!

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We are reading



  1. forecastle
  2. skiff
  3. loot
  4. hoist
  5. vessel
  6. smirk
  7. crest
  8. reveal
  9. slender
  10. suppress
  11. rebel
  12. collide
  13. churn
  14. private
  15. mainsail
  16. jutted


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We watched the movie

How was the story in the movie and the book the same?  How was it different? It was different from the book, by leaving some parts out, and adding more people. Then they took away some of the dogs. It was the same with the concept, and by the way they broke out of Pinnsen.
When you read a good book, your own movie plays in your head.  What kind of movie did you create in how Moon, Kit and Hal looked?  What did the forest look like in your head movie? 

I can’t describe how everyone looked because, the looked different each time we listened to the book. The forest looked different each time too.

Lousy answer, Keelin.

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Who is a leader?

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” (John Quincy Adams)

This week’s post has to do with leadership. One good paragraph.

What does it mean to be a leader? What qualities do you feel a leader needs to have? 

In addition to the questions above, please answer the following questions based on your definition on what it means to be a leader:

Pretend that you could invite any leader, alive or dead, to come and speak to your school. Whom would you invite and why? What would you want your leader to talk about?   Find a picture of this person on Google, and add it to your post.

assignment adapted from Write Out Loud

Keelin says:

To me, being a leader means to know what you are doing, and have good common sense. A good leader would know when to stop, so people don’t get hurt. They shouldn’t yell at the people like Mr.Fredrickson does. Then, they need to know when to back-down from something.

If I could invite a good leader, I would invite Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I chose him because of his world famous speech, “I Have a Dream”. He helped stop segregation so blacks could have more freedom than they did before. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to have fun with some of my friends now. That’s why I chose Martin Luther King Jr.

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We are listening to…

Today, we begin listening to Alabama Moon by Watt Key

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Skill Builders

Can I pick out the correctly spelled words?

On a virtual Spelling Bee

I better put on my thinking cap.

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Do you believe in magic?

Sounds like the title to a song, doesn’t it?  We finished listening to The Hobbit.  The Hobbit was able to be invisible because of a magic ring, and he helped save the Dwarfs treasure from Smog and the Goblins.  Do you wish you had some magic?  

assignment adapted from Write Out Loud

My super hero powers would be x-ray, invincibility, and teleportation. I picked them because, the would be the most helpful in my opinion. I could use x-ray to see where the enemies are. I can use the invincibility to sneak up on them, then I can use teleportation to reach the enemy before he can do something horrible.

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