Body Worlds Vital

Going to see the bodies at the museum  helped me learn more about the human body. It helped me because I got to see the inside of a human body, with all of the organs and muscles. It also give me the experience of seeing a real human body on the inside. They where posed differently to show how the muscles moved. Two of the bodies, where posed dancing. They had multiple bodies (male & female) with multiple poses. One thing I noticed was, there where way more males that females. If the bodies came from a jail, there would most likely be more males the females.

half head

I think my mom had me go to see this to help us see what the body is like on the inside, and to show us what happens when you do alcohol and smoke.

Even though it was a good learning experience, it was really disturbing to me. I think that because it was real human bodies (I really dislike that), they just stare at you (creepy), and just being near the bodies made me feel like like they would jump out at me.


About Keelin

Hi i'm Keelin and i'm in 7th grade at Wendler Middle School in Anchorage, Alaska. I like to hang out with my friends.I also like to ride my bike.
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