Making Predictions – The Injured Otter Updated

When you make a prediction about a character’s development or the outcome of a story, you are demonstrating an understanding of the various literary elements of the story.  These elements may include the setting, conflict, plot development, and point of view.  Being able to recognize and analyze these pieces is essential in the development of reading comprehension skills.

Watch this video segment that shows a young injured otter’s attempts to locate his missing family, find food and remain safe while dealing with the winter elements in Yellowstone National Park.  Predict what happens next and then write a narrative account of these events from three possible points of view: the injured otter, the filmmaker or an animal behaviorist.

the injured otter 

Lesson from PBS Media

predictions 001



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Hi i'm Keelin and i'm in 7th grade at Wendler Middle School in Anchorage, Alaska. I like to hang out with my friends.I also like to ride my bike.
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